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Monday, June 6, 2011

Weather Across the Country 06/07-06/10

I would just like to start off this blog with an apology.  I know we haven't posted one in a while, and we do apologize.  There have been a lot of changes in both of our lives, a new job for Brooke, moves for both of us and graduation from UNC for me.  But now that we are both more settled in our careers and new locations, we should be able to update the blog more often! 

Now that the writers of this blog, Brooke and myself, are a bit more spread out in the country, we will be doing a broader forecast than just the Colorado region.  

I'll start from in the west and work east.  There is a low pressure system sitting on the coast of California.  Over the next few days this system is going to track east and north, affecting the weather for the northern states.  Most of California will be in a fairly dry and mild pattern this week, since the system that's been keeping them wet and cool is pushing off to the east.  Expect high temperatures in the lower 70's towards the coast and becoming cooler, in the 50's in the mountains and higher elevations. 

Going further north, into Washington, rain showers will become more of a possibility for Tuesday and into Wednesday.  Staying very typical of the Pacific Northwest, rain showers will continue off and on this week. Periods of sunshine will be possible on Thursday, but showers will return Friday and continue off and on through the weekend.  Temperatures will be steady in the mid 60's.  

The states that are going to be the most affected by this system are Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. 
This is the SPC (Storm Prediction Center) outlook for Wednesday.  The slight risk is located over ND, MN and WI.  They can expect to see severe thunderstorms, possibly a few tornadoes. There is a 15% hatched tornado risk over parts of all three states, but the main threat from these storms will be gusty winds, heavy rain, hail and lightning. 

Montana will be in a wet pattern this whole week, as they have been much of this spring.  This is typical because of the La Nina pattern we are in this year.  The Pacific Northwest is usually much wetter in this pattern, and this year is no different.  Conditions will be wet and cool, with rain showers and thunderstorms likely each day this week.  High temperatures will be in the 50's and 60's across the state. 

This low pressure system traversing to the north will have an impact on states south of Montana.  Wyoming and Colorado will see increased winds on Tuesday, as a result of a cold front swinging down from the center of low pressure.  Temperatures will start to cool, with highs dropping 10-15 degrees by Wednesday.  Tuesday will be dry, but Wednesday is my chance here in Wyoming to see a few storms.  Currently the SPC has a slight risk over southeastern Wyoming and northern Colorado and western Nebraska. There is also a separate area of slight risk from easter Kansas northeast up to the Great Lakes.

This is a more northern storm, so southeastern Wyoming and western Nebraska will have the best chance to see severe storms.  Definitely an area worth keeping an eye on.  

Going further east in the country, it looks like the eastern half of the US will start to see scattered rain showers from north to south, with maybe a few thunderstorms mixed in.  Rain will become much more widespread and heavier towards Thursday night and into Friday.  It will also slowly spread towards the north and east. 

Temperatures across the central and south part of the country will continue to be very very warm, in the lower to mid 90's at times with high relative humidities.  Highs don't cool off from the 90's till later in the week, closer to the weekend.  The far northeast will not be quite as hot, with highs only reaching the mid 80's.

So, to sum everything up.  Mainly dry and mild from California and Utah south and east into Texas. All the southwestern states will be dry and warm.  Going further north, winds increase for Wyoming and Colorado as the cold front moves through. Temperatures will drop from the lower 90's we've been seeing, to around 10-15 degrees cooler.  In the far northern states, Montana east to the Great Lakes will have a decent chance to see severe storms Tuesday, with rain and scattered thunderstorms continuing for most of the rest of the week.  They will be cooling down as well.

The eastern half of the country will have a chance at the moisture come Wednesday through Friday.  Rain showers and a few thunderstorms will become more widespread towards the end of the week and will gradually spread north and east.  Temperatures will remain steady, in the lower to mid 90's across the central US, with temperatures reaching the upper 90's and lower 100's in the southern states. It cools off slightly to the 80's the farther north you go.  

Overall, it is a fairly typical weather pattern for early June.  Enjoy whatever weather you will be getting this week in whatever part of the country you live in!!