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Friday, January 7, 2011

National Forecast 1/6/2011 - 1/10/2011

This weekend expect snow for the northeastern US thanks to a low positioned over the far southern tip of Ontario, Canada and a series of low pressure systems positioned over the Great Lakes. Snow will also be expected over the Great Plains as a strong arctic air mass makes it's way south, bringing with it cold temperatures. Those cold temperatures will be felt from The Rocky Mountains, down to the Gulf coast, all the way to the east coast. There is ridge of high pressure in place over the southwest and Pacific coast that will remain stationary throughout the weekend bringing dry conditions to the southwest. There is a low sitting off of the WA coast that will move onshore bringing with it rain and snow showers to the northwestern region.

Current watches and warnings:
-Blizzard warning for north-central IA.
-Winter storm warning is in effect for eastern TN, KY, far western VA and NC, and eastern NY and western CT.
-Winter storm watch for central and northern CO, and southwestern KS, southeastern OK, southern AK, far northeastern TX, northern LA, and most of MS excluding the coast, and a portion of southern AL, eastern NY, southern VT, and western CT and MA
-Winter weather advisory for majority of MT, northern ID, western SD, ND, eastern SD and ND, western MN, and northern IA, south-central NR, north-central KS, eastern TN and KN, WV, western PA, western NY, and eastern PA and NY
-Lake effect snow warnings for the eastern coasts of Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, and Lake Erie.
-Lake effect snow watch for the northeastern Lake Erie shore.
-Freezing fog advisory for western NV.
-Wind chill advisory surrounding the warning areas.
-Red flag warning for southern NM and northern FL.
-Air stagnation advisory for eastern OR and central OR.
-Costal flood watch for costal MS, AL, and eastern coast of LA.

The low pressure system located off of the coast will make its way on shore over southern British Columbia Friday afternoon. Snow and rain will be associated with the system. Snow can be expected in northern WA, ID, and MT Friday afternoon with rain showers expected in costal WA. Saturday morning as the system moves easterly, snow and rain showers will follow as well as colder temperatures. Snow can be expected in WA, northern OR, ID, and eastern and western MT. Rain showers can be expected on the WA and OR coast as well as central MT. The rain in central MT will be associated with the center of circulation as it draws up some slightly warmer Pacific air. Come Sunday there will still be a chance for showers over the region with cold temperatures present.

There are currently a group of high pressure systems over NV and UT bring with them warmer temperatures during the day and dry conditions. Friday, the ridge stays in place which will bring those nice temperatures during the day and dry conditions. Saturday the high pressure begins to break down as a cold front will begin to make its way south. Sunday the cold front will continue to move into the northern part of the region and begin to influence the temperatures in northern CA, NV, UT, and CO. Some showers are likely in northern UT and northwestern CO on Sunday early morning. Saturday afternoon snow showers will begin to develop over the CO and parts of UT. The snow will continue into Monday with cold temperatures accompanying it.

Northern Plains:
Currently a trough is moving through eastern CO and a frontal system is moving through central SD, northeastern NE, and southern IA. Saturday snow showers will begin to develop over western NE and SD as the low pressure makes its way eastern over central MT. A high pressure system moves in over southern Manitoba, Canada and makes its way south over eastern ND and western MN. Snow will continue into Saturday overnight and into Sunday morning over western NE and SD. The high pressure remains over ND and MN, influencing the states to the south bringing with it cold temperatures and clear skies. Sunday the snow continues and pushes east over majority of NE, northern KS, eastern and central SD, and western ND. High pressure is still in place over MN. Cold temperatures will set in with the snow and preceding low pressure systems. Expect mild temperatures and dry conditions associated with the high pressure system over MN, IA, MO, IL, and WI.

Southern Plaines:
Currently there is a low pressure system positioned over southeastern TX with a cold front positioned over central TX, northern LA, MS, and AL. Saturday the cold front makes it's way south along the coast as cold temperatures set into the region. Saturday night a low pressure system develops over northern Mexico and moves easterly bringing rain showers into southern and central TX and southern LA. Expect cold temperatures over the weekend in the region as the arctic air mass makes it's way south. Temperatures will reach freezing Sunday evening into Monday morning.

Currently there are a series of low pressure systems over northern MI, northern Lake Huron, northeastern Lake Ontario and NJ. Snow showers will continue to develop over the Great Lakes today into tomorrow. The low pressure systems will continue to move easterly as the chance of snow will continue. There is a chance for rain showers over costal VA and NC. The rain will turn into snow showers Saturday night. Snow and rain mixed with snow will continue over the northeast into Sunday. Temperatures will remain cold over the Great Lake and northeast over the weekend.

Currently there is a cold front positioned over eastern TN and southern VA with a low pressure system over western VA and NC. Saturday expect rain showers to develop over NC and northern SC with a chance for rain mixed with snow over western VA, NC, eastern TN, and KY. The low pressure system will move off of the coast Saturday afternoon taking with it the rain and snow showers for the coast. There is still a chance for rain mixed with snow over eastern TN and KY and the majority of WV with snow showers for AL, MS, and GA. Sunday a high pressure system will move into the region bringing with it clearer skies and colder temperatures for Monday. Expect cold temperatures throughout the region. 

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