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Sunday, January 2, 2011

National General Forecast for 01/02/2011 - 01/06/2011

Here is a current analysis and forecast for the six regions of the continental US. The forecast is through Thursday.
Currently there are a series of surface high pressure systems located over the area and an upper level trough associated with the large upper level low pressure system located over Ontario, Canada. As a result of the high pressure systems, there will not be a lot of interesting weather in regards to precipitation. There is likely to be partly cloudy skies, a possibility of fog, and cold temperatures during the night with lows ranging from the 10's to the mid 20's and highs ranging from the 30's to the mid 40's. A freeze warning has been issued for southern costal OR, a winter weather advisory has been issued for northeastern ID, far western MT, and eastern MT, with a winter storm warning issued over north central MT, and a flood warning in southern MT. 
There is chance for snow over northeastern ID, western and most of eastern MT tonight into tomorrow as a result of moist air aloft. For Monday expect the high pressure to remain over the area with snow still present over eastern MT. Come Tuesday, the high pressure begins to move out of the region as a low pressure begins to push its way in. Wednesday the weather begins to change for WA and OR as precipitation begins to develop over the region. The precipitation is likely to develop over WA, northern ID and eastern MT, but could also reach down into OR. The rain or snow will continue into Thursday. 

Currently there is an area of low pressure located off of the coast of CA, an area of high pressure over western CO and eastern UT, and a low pressure system located over central and southern CO. The low located off of the CA coast is currently bring rain and show showers to southern and central CA and southern NV. Winter storm warnings have been issued for southern CA in the higher Sierra Nevada's, winter weather advisories are in effect over southern CA, southern NV and east-central NV. Flood warnings are in effect for parts of central CA. Temperatures in the region will stay seasonal with highs ranging from the 20's to the mid 50's and lows ranging from the 10's to the mid to upper 30's, both are elevation and location dependent.
The CA low pressure system will move onshore tomorrow and  precipitation will continue throughout the the day tomorrow in CA and NV. High pressure will set in Tuesday bring drier conditions. High pressure will remain over CO into Thursday with snow showers likely for the mountains and higher elevations tomorrow afternoon through Wednesday. Snow could also be expected in parts of southern UT and northern AZ and NM tomorrow into Tuesday. Warmer temperatures will make their way into the region Wednesday into Thursday.

Northern Plains:
Currently there is an area of low pressure located over ND and northeastern SD and a weak ridge over KS and MN, and WI. There is flood advisory in southern IL along the Illinois river and a flood warning is in effect for northern IL. A hydrologic outlook is in effect for central NE as a result of ice jamming possible along the Calamus, Loup, North Platte, Niobrara, and Platte river basins, flooding is possible. There are a few snow showers over central ND, far northeastern SD and southeastern MN. Expect cold temperatures through the week as a result of the arctic air mass associated with the low pressure over Ontario, CA. Highs will range from 10's to upper 30's with lows ranging from 5 to the mid 30's throughout Thursday.
Precipitation will continue for parts of eastern ND and SD, and western MN tomorrow. It will then clear up for Tuesday and then snow will then again make its self present in central and eastern ND and northern and central MN. Wednesday evening the showers will begin moving to the east with a chance for showers over WI and eastern MN. The plaines will stay dry throughout the week.

Southern Plains:
Currently there is an area of high pressure located over AR and northern MS. There is currently a hard freeze warning for southern LA and very far southeastern TX and a freeze warning for coastal LA and very far southeastern TX. Expect seasonal temperatures throughout the week with highs ranging from upper 40's to mid 60's and lows ranging from the mid 20's to the high 30's.
There is a chance for showers Tuesday through Thursday for southern TX. Wednesday expect showers to begin over southern LA and MS continuing into Thursday. 

Currently there is a ridge in place over the area as a result of the high pressure system located over AK. There is a low pressure system located in the Atlantic, to the east of ME. There are currently showers present over southern NH, MA, RI, and eastern NY. Lake effect snow showers are currently present over western and central NY. A winter weather advisory is in effect for eastern ME, a Lake effect snow warning is in effect for north central NY along Lake Ontario and a lake effect advisory is in effect for areas just south of Lake Ontario. The lake effect snow is a result of winds blowing out of the west, northwest over Lake Ontario. In the region expect high temperatures to range between the 20's to mid 40's and lows to range between 10's to mid 20's.
Expect showers to continue along the northeastern seaboard through tonight and a slight chance for some showers tomorrow. A weak low pressure system moves through the area Tuesday night bringing with it a chance for snow showers in NY and western PA. The chance of showers will continue through Thursday morning as the low pressure system moves out into the Atlantic. As that system moves out another short wave will move in bringing yet another chance for showers Thursday.

Currently  there is a ridge in place over the region bringing dry and and seasonal conditions. There is a red flag warning in place for most of AL and western FL. Expect highs to range between the mid 50's to upper 70's and lows to range between the the mid 30's to lower 50's.
The dry conditions will continue through Wednesday as a slight disturbance will begin to move into LA and southern MS. Wednesday evening brings the chance for showers from southern AL into southern GA and northern FL. Come Thursday as the disturbance begins to move easterly, central FL will see a chance for some showers. 

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